It’s Your Superpower

Like all powers, this light… this glow... must be nurtured and cared for.

Our brand is inspired by the goddess Hygieia, the goddess of health, strength, supernatural beauty and eternal life.

Hygieia was born from the belief that you already have beautiful skin.

100% USDA Organic


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has to offer.

Happy Customers

“ I have been using this at night to help firm up my neck and decollete areas, I really think it has been making a huge difference - its a very strong Retinol formula, i more


“ Arrived quickly in a nice package, the serum is easy to apply and I can see one bottle will go a long way. It was suggested that I use it as an addition to my sun spot treatment...“

David W

“I have only had it a few weeks and I already see the spots on my arms starting to fade.“

Celia K.

“ In only 5 weeks I see an enormous difference using this cream on my neck area for the sun spots, much better than even the RX creams I have tried in the past.“

Gloria M

“ A friend told me about this weird orange skin cream she had been using and how much she was in love with the results so I decided to try it and oh boy was she right, this cream is...“


“ I am hooked on this cream, just like they say about it - it does wonders for sun damaged skin. I lived in FL at the beach my whole life and no one every told us we would regret it...“

Donna A.