5 Tips for Healthier Skin in the Winter Months

5 Tips for Healthier Skin in the Winter Months

No matter what climate you’re accustomed to, when the winter months take hold and grip your core from top to bottom, it’s essential to know how to protect your skin. From freezing temperatures to icy walkways, the winter months can be brutal. One place this chilly season really takes its toll is on your skin. 

The harsh conditions can leave skin feeling dry and irritated, and sometimes simply moisturizing isn’t enough. Winter brings freezing temperatures and weather that can be very harsh on all skin types. Sure, you can layer up and apply different types of moisturizers, but are you absolutely certain that what you’re applying to your skin is exactly what you need? 

The chill, the dryness, the itch, these are indicative signs as temperatures drop. Basically, the  winter months can wreak havoc on your skin, however, you can fight winter’s wrath by taking a few smart, proactive steps. It’s vital to know that winter skin woes are common, with a high percent of Americans saying their skin feels differently during the winter than it does the rest of the year. More specifically, over 50% who live in winter climates say their skin feels drier and itchier in winter than any other time of year.  

Winter weather can affect all skin types. Even though you might be aware that your skin is dry, you often unknowingly make mistakes that can cause your skin to feel worse. Being mindful of how you’re treating your skin and adapting your skincare routine are two essential ways to help ease the skin discomforts that often come with the season.

Remember that winter doesn’t have to mean dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin. If you take a few proactive steps and adjustments to your daily routine, this can help ease some of those winter worries so you can enjoy all the fun the season has to offer. Keeping your skin healthy and vibrant throughout the winter months means more hydration and less irritation.

By showering every day, using mild cleansers, wearing sunscreen, paying attention also to your exposed hands, and drinking plenty of water, you’re sure to connect with a way to maintain healthy skin during the winter months. It doesn’t have to take much, only a matter of laying out a regimen that you’re able to follow, and in doing so, your skin will achieve the same kind of glow and radiance it does throughout the year.

Don’t allow the colder months to discourage skin care health. If anything, it’s a wake-up call to take more action. Pay attention, buy the appropriate products for your skin type, and slather accordingly. 

To help fight dry and itchy skin brought on by winter, here are five simple skincare tips:

  1. Stay warm, not hot - Everyone loves a long, hot shower in the winter. In fact, more people take longer hot showers during the winter than any other season. Unfortunately, hot water strips the skin of natural moisture that keeps it healthy, hydrated and protected. Take a short, lukewarm shower instead to avoid irritating the skin. Find that warm comfort by cozying up in a blanket afterward instead.
  2. Fix the winter itch - That winter itch is most commonly caused by severely dry skin, so be sure to moisturize daily with products that contain ceramides to maintain hydration and fight dryness. Ceramides are naturally found in skin but can be regularly disrupted by factors like the environment and daily activities, leading to dry skin. Keep a tub of a ceramide-rich cream in your bathroom to slather on while your skin is still wet after showering to really seal in moisture and help restore the skin’s protective barrier. 
  3. Dress smart - When you’re heading outside, be sure to bundle up! Always wear gear that protects your skin from the elements, like hats, scarves and gloves. Additionally, while winter makes you more inclined to bundle up in cozy sweaters, avoid any materials that may irritate your skin. If you feel itchy under your favorite wool sweater, wear a breathable shirt underneath or consider swapping it for a different material, like fleece or cashmere.
  4. Maximize moisture - The colder winter air pulls moisture from the skin leaving it dry, itchy and lackluster, and heading indoors isn’t helping. The rising thermostat in your house causes dry air that sucks hydration from your skin. Use a humidifier to add moisture back into the air in main spaces, like your bedroom. You should also be sure to adapt your skincare routine for the winter just like you would your wardrobe. Swap your light creams out for richer products that will add the extra moisturization needed during the winter and be sure to use them twice daily. Try adding Hyaluronic Acid to the mix!
  5. Hydrate - Adding moisture back into the air isn’t the only way to hydrate yourself. You should also be moisturizing yourself from the inside out by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Water has a wide array of health benefits and the quality of your skin is one of them — especially during the winter months when there’s a tendency to lose moisture more often. Warm tea is another great way to get hydrated while comforting yourself during the colder months.


Skin care during the winter months doesn’t have to succumb to the same doldrums as your mood. Think of every morning and evening, while gazing in the mirror, as a chance to up your game and present yourself with that sensational beauty you’re accustomed to all year long. It only takes planning, organizing, and sincere action. 

Your skin will thank you, and the winter months will be over before you know it. Keep flowing and glowing!

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