The Marvels of Amino Acids for Skin Rejuvenation

The Marvels of Amino Acids for Skin Rejuvenation

Amino acids are the building blocks of life; amino acid molecules form proteins essential for optimal skin health. Keratin, collagen, and elastin are the main proteins affecting the human skin. These proteins affect their texture and appearance. Amino acid creams, such as Hygieia, tackles the wrinkles and other signs of skin aging by targeting protein metabolism.

The skin is constantly repairing most minor skin damage and even sun exposure. Wrinkles and sagging skin often result from poor diet, sun damage, stress, and overall poor health. With age, the body slows down, and the self-repair mechanism slows down. Amino acids added to the daily skincare routine can then work wonders. This article discusses in depth the impact of amino acids on skin quality and regeneration.

Why Hygieia?

Hygieia offers a varying concentration of amino acids for healthy skin. The beauty of this product is that it comes encapsulated in Liposomal. This is different from most of the amino acid creams available on the market, with better efficacy in drug absorption into the body.

The amino acids are encapsulated in liposomes are more accessible for the body to absorb. This is because the active drug ingredients are encased in molecules made from the same material as skin cells. This then quickly penetrates the skin very efficiently. It easily works through the several layers of the skin, promoting healing from the inside and tackling the issue effectively.

How does it work?

According to scientific research, “The maintenance of skin structures by self-repair processes is essential to skin health. Thus, amino acids significantly impact the appearance of the skin. Amino acids are important nutrients required for (a) wound healing promotion and repair of the damaged skin; (b) acid-base balance and water retention in cellular layers, such as the stratum corneum; (c) protection against sunlight damage; (d) maintenance of an appropriate skin microbiome.” Let’s explore what this signified for the treatment of aging skin.

Wound healing and repair

When the body is under duress, there is an increased need for nutrients for healing.  The two essential amino acids that play a significant role in such situations are arginine and glutamine. Collagen protein and other vitamins and minerals are also crucial for regeneration and cell repair. While a healthy body produces an adequate amount of arginine and glutamine, these processes can be compromised if the person is suffering from adverse health conditions or if the body is aging—Hygieia, which delivers the much-needed amino acids, can aid in healing and repair.

Water retention and acid-base balance

Sudden temperature drops (such as in between the air-conditioned rooms and the ambient temperature outside during the summers), prolonged exposure to the sunlight, and many other skin conditions decrease the amount of moisture the skin retains in the stratum corneum.  This is the topmost thin membrane of the skin, which keeps the skin moist. NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) is an essential component of healthy skin. The NMF is affected by amino acids, making them the most natural moisturizer. The NMF comprises glycine, alanine, and serine. When a product with a combination of these amino acids is applied, it penetrates the deepest skin layer and maintains the optimal moisture level for healthy skin. This is more so with liposomal, increasing the efficacy of the absorption.

Sunlight and UV damage reversal

Chronic exposure to sunlight significantly damages the skin. It is one of the main components of skin aging. Sun exposure and UV damage break down collagen at a rapid pace when compared to the normal process of aging. The process involves a high buildup of elastin in the second layer of the skin, the dermis; this leads to high enzyme production that breaks down collagen, leaving sun exposure scars. Over time, this process speeds up with prolonged exposure, resulting in wrinkled and sagging skin.  

Free radicals are another side effect of UV radiation. Free radicals may alter the body’s genetic components, often the leading cause of cancer; they also break down the collagen faster by producing high doses of enzymes, breaking down collagen. Using products such as Hygieia can help counter many of the negative effects of adverse skin damage due to prolonged sunlight exposure.

Amino acids and skin microbiome

The human skin has a host of bacteria and microorganisms that keep the skin healthy. One of the critical factors for tackling microbial disbalances is amino acids. Although, they also largely contribute to antimicrobial resistance, more commonly known as AMR. The antimicrobial peptide that uses amino acids to develop can also effectively fight resistance. Therefore, amino acids not only contribute to the damage but also reverses the damage caused for the imbalanced microbial state. It is, therefore, critical for a healthy balance.

Why use Hygieia?

Amino acids answer many of the more commonly tackled skin problems. It reverses most of the skin’s premature signs of aging. It maintains optimal balance by retaining the perfect moisture balance, reversing UV and sunlight damage, and maintaining the ideal pH balance for the skin. Lastly, this ensures a healthy skin microbiome, essential for a healthy glow.


All-in-all, Hygieia provides the much-required relief and answers to many skin problems that crop up with age. With regular care and maintenance, the product can help skin look younger and fresher. Hygieia comes highly recommended by dermatologists and is advisable for use for customers above 30 years.

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