DIY Salt Water Flush For A Healthy Gut & Better Skin

DIY Salt Water Flush For A Healthy Gut & Better Skin

A Salt Water Flush is a perfect natural way to encourage good digestion and cleanse out your digestive system. With a few simple steps and ingredients, this commonly used trick is perfect as a quick and easy constipation home remedy.

How it Works

A salt water flush is an effective remedy to manage constipation due to the salt content. When drinking the solution, the salt triggers your digestive system’s mechanisms to detoxify and eliminate waste.  

If possible, try performing the salt water flush first thing after waking in the morning, as this is when it is most effective. Drinking the saltwater flush later in the day can decrease effectiveness due to the fact that food is in your stomach. If you prefer doing it in the afternoon or evening, try to do it at least one to two hours after eating.

Tip: When your cleanse is complete, and you’ve gone to the bathroom, taking a probiotic supplement is a great idea. It can help flourish your gut with good bacteria and promote good ongoing digestive health. 

The gut and skin enjoy a constant dialogue via what has become known as the gut-skin axis. 

While symptoms of gut health issues can be incredibly varied, the skin is often a great barometer for what’s going on inside the gut.

It’s where we make nutrients, metabolize hormones and detoxifying enzymes, neutralize pathogens and make neurotransmitters—so it’s super important to get your digestive health in check in order to feel well and of course, experience clear, glowing skin.

Make it Yourself: Salt Water Flush Recipe

Here’s how to make an easy salt water flush solution to cleanse your colon and help relieve symptoms related to constipation. You will need only three simple ingredients, making this a perfect quick solution using commonly found kitchen ingredients. The recipe will require some sea salt, hot filtered water, fresh lemon juice, and a simple jar with a lid to make it in.

Note: If possible, aim to use a sea salt that is pure. Typical table salt, known as iodized salt, will not be effective for this DIY flush. Celtic or “gray salt” is a great option.

How To Make a DIY Salt Water Flush

  • Heat one Liter of Water so it is hot, but not yet boiling. 
  • Add two teaspoons of sea salt, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, and 1 liter of hot water to your jar. Shake very well until all the ingredients are fully dissolved, and there are no visible clumps or pieces.
  • After making, you will want to drink the entire mixture quickly. Aim to drink the entire jar within five minutes.
  • After drinking the saltwater flush, lay down on your side and gently massage your stomach on one side. Repeat on the other side.
  • The goal is to try to hold the solution for about 30 minutes, so your body has a chance to fully absorb the salt. 
  • You may feel the urge to go to the bathroom quickly after drinking, which is normal. Once you feel you can no longer wait, proceed with going to the bathroom. Sometimes the cleanse will require multiple bathroom trips.

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