Idebenone Cream Directions For Use - 4 vital steps

Please note that Idebenone is orange in color, it is not meant to touch your clothes. This cream is meant to be applied, allowed to absorb and then any residue wiped away.

This high-tech nourishing skin cream immerses itself into old inactive mitochondria cells, encouraging them to unlock their power for a more radiant youthful transformation. Hygieia is not your mother’s skin cream. Actually, it isn’t a cream at all, it is a billion little liposomal bubbles filled with two fundamental anti-oxidant and moisturizing components—idebenone and hyaluronic acid. This cream will absorb into the three layers of skin - unlike a topical cream that only provides cosmetic fixes.

Directions for use: There are 2 ways to use this cream

Use this cream EVERY OTHER DAY

METHOD 1 (Mild to Moderate Repair):

Apply a thin layer of cream to the desired area and massage it in for 20 seconds or so.

Air dry. Do not pat dry. Give it 1 to 3 minutes to absorb, depending on how thirsty your skin is.

Once the cream and water has been absorbed you may gently wipe your face again to remove any superfluous orange or yellowish color. With the liposomal delivery system, the vital ingredients will not be removed from the skin cells, only the surface.

Your mitochondria are being activated and you are free to apply whatever makeup you wish. Though Hygieia is not a sunscreen, UVA-UVB chromosomal damage protection from the sun has been activated.

Feel free to lightly mist your skin with water, no additional cream is necessary as the sub-cutaneous liposomal delivery system is already in place waiting for more moisture.

METHOD 2 (For More Severe Cases):

Hygieia as a mask. Apply a heavy dose of the cream to the desired area and let it sit on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes. You will start out looking like a pumpkin but it will absorb leaving you looking a pale-yellow color.

Rinse your face or even hop in the shower.

The liposomes will suck in the water and further plump your skin. Your skin will look radiant.